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Application number: BH2016/01961

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Address: 46-54 Old London Road Brighton
Description: Demolition of existing Buildings and erection of a 3 Storey building containing 44 assisted living apartments for older persons with associated communal facilities, parking and landscaping.
Application type: full planning
Development type: new build nursing homes etc
Received date: 27 May 2016
Valid date: 8 July 2016
Target decision date: 7 October 2016
Ward: Patcham
Status: Under Consideration
Appeal status: Appeal Dismissed
Appeal decision: Appeal Dismissed
Applicant: Yourlife Management Services Ltd
2 Genesis Business Park
Albert Drive
GU21 5RW
Agent: The Planning Bureau Ltd
Mr Ian Hann
2 Genesis Business Park
Albert Drive
GU21 5RW
Officer: Sarah Collins tel: 292232

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