Booking your citizenship ceremony

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Please only use this form if you have received notification from the Home Office that you have been successful in your British citizenship application.

Citizenship ceremonies take place at Brighton Town Hall.

By arrangement, for an additional fee of £112 we are also able to offer individual private citizenship ceremonies.

Please complete a separate form for each individual new citizen (including children).




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Our citizenship ceremonies take place at Brighton Town Hall on Monday afternoons between 2pm - 3.30pm. Further details of the venue and ceremony content will be on your invitation.

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If you have indicated that you would like us to arrange a private citizenship ceremony for you, we will contact you by telephone to confirm and agree a date with you.


During the ceremony you will be required to either make an oath of allegiance (swear by Almighty God) or an affirmation of allegiance to HM Queen Elizabeth II.

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Two named guests are welcome to join you at your celebration but they will need invitations.

Please give the names of who you would like to invite. We regret that if names are not provided we will be unable to allow your guests entrance to the ceremony.

Please note children are included in this number. Guests who are children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

All guests will be seated seperately from new citizens.


The location of this venue may present problems to those unable to walk down the stairs in an emergency evacuation.
Please tick one of the boxes to let us know if you or your guests would need assistance *

Further information about your ceremony will be sent to you.

If you do not receive a letter and invitation to your ceremony within seven days please contact us by emailing

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